[Air-L] Internet research methods syllabi

Kris M. Markman krism at alumni.utexas.net
Wed Oct 28 13:03:27 PDT 2009

Hello all,
I will be teaching a graduate seminar on internet and technology  
research methods in the spring, and I'm looking for sample syllabi for  
similar classes. The class will be taught primarily from a  
communication standpoint (since that is my discipline) with many of  
the students coming from a rhetoric or qualitative social science  
perspective. However, the course will also be open to students from  
other disciplines, so I'm especially interested in syallabi that take  
a broader approach and touch on both quantitative and qualitative  

I've been told not to expect that the students will have had any  
previous methods courses before this class, so I'm trying to figure  
out how to design a "survey of internet methods" course.

Any links, examples, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Kris M. Markman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Communication
University of Memphis

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