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State of the Blogosphere 2009 




Since 2004, Technorati ... ] has followed the growth and trends in the
blogosphere. For the second time, we surveyed bloggers directly. They
were generous with their thoughts and insights. Thanks to all of the
bloggers who took the time to respond to our survey.


In a world that's constantly changing - shocked by financial catastrophe
and political upheaval, yet still moving faster every day - not much is
constant. But as the 2009 State of the Blogosphere survey demonstrates,
the growth of the blogosphere's influence on subjects ranging from
business to politics to the way information travels through communities
continues to flourish. In a year when revolutions and elections were
organized by blogs, bloggers are blogging more than ever, and the State
of the Blogosphere is strong.


The Report >

Day 1 - Who Are the Bloggers?

Day 2 - The What and Why of Blogging

Day 3 - The How of Blogging

Day 4 - Monetization And Revenue Generation, Brands in the Blogosphere

Day 5 - 2009 Trends: Political Impact of Blogging, Twitter Usage


Links to The Reports Are Available At


[ http://tinyurl.com/yhnwsuy ] 


BTW: A few of my blogs are in the Technorati Top 1% ; Others in the Top
< 5% !!! [WoW]


Keep Those Hits A-Comin' ... [:-)]


Go Yankees ! / Show Us The You're The Best Team That Money Can Buy [:->]


Enjoy !




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