[Air-L] Reminder- IR10 Workshop on Engaging Multidisciplinarity in Sociotechnical Internet Research

David Gurzick gurzick1 at umbc.edu
Thu Sep 17 10:23:26 PDT 2009

Organizers: Ingbert Floyd, David Gurzick, Caroline Haythornthwaite, Andre

This workshop explores multidisciplinary aspects of sociotechnical research
on the Internet, providing a forum for the pooling and sharing of
disciplinary perspectives and for finding complementarity and synergy across
disciplinary knowledge, methods, and approaches. Activities planned for the
workshop will engage participants with theoretical and methodological
approaches drawn from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

This workshop will appeal to students and faculty grappling with the task of
bringing together different methodologies and traditions to study the

For more information and updates on the workshop, please visit our wiki page
at: http://sociotech.net/wiki/index.php?title=IR_10.0_Workshop

Or contact David Gurzick at gurzick1 at umbc.edu

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