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Try the Congressional Management Foundation (http://www.cmfweb.org/).  They
have a major research effort examining this issue.  You will want to
especially look at the first of their three major reports "Communicating
with Congress: How Capitol Hill is Coping with the Surge in Citizen

Since I'm not really sure what you're after, this should solve the immediate
need. There have been a number of studies of Congress and e-mail that have
been published in the last few years.  I'll be happy to direct you if you
contact me off list.  Good luck.


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Hello Air-l,

I was hoping one of you might have a statistic for me or a suggestion of
where I might go to find it...I am wondering about the number of emails /
physical mail Congress receives yearly. I realize this will be a fuzzy
number since much of the email is in the form of mass mailings from special
interest groups. But if any of you have an idea I'd appreciate it!

Thanks so much,
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