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Soon Wan Ting wtsoon at nus.edu.sg
Sun Sep 13 19:03:34 PDT 2009

   How about Lipstick Jungle by NBC Universal? Caught only two episodes
   but it kind of suit your description - high power women with families
   working in NYC, juggling career, husbands and kids, with lots of
   communication via blackberries and mobile phones etc.

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   I'm looking for mainstream (HBO, Showtime, USA ok) dramas/comedies
   husband, wife, 1+ kids go their separate ways -- with a lot of
   communication via ICTs and mobile phones.
   Not Dexter (which someone suggested)
   No Secret Life of an American teen (minor channel; pregnancy of 15
   old not really mainstream).
   Possibly Desperate Housewives (which I rarely watch), but don't HWs
   stay home in daytime, and don't go off to paid work. Do they use ICTs
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