[Air-L] Family in the 21st century on TV

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We had 1 TV when I was a kid and which program to watch became a matter of negotiations-we took turns selecting programs for the week each Monday rotating the order of who selected (Dad was always 1st).  As kids, we would deal with siblings: if you pick this then I will pick that for you or I know you like this program, I will pick it so we will be sure to get to see it--if they didn't help me then next time I would pick something that would conflict with their program--taught us good skills. People today do not need to consider others in selecting their environment and it shows for sure--"I am the center of the universe, just show me what I want, or what will interest me, or what I will buy..." IMHO some of that is good in a busy world, but it is easy to slide into "I demand and deserve to be the center"

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in my childhood years tv started at 5pm (!) and ended at midnight with  
the austrian anthem (late 70s). I was allowed to watch from 5-6:30
now there is a special program for mornings which is aimed at a broad  
spectrum of viewers, than there is program for elderly, at midday  
starts the program for kids and at noon the shows for youngsters,  
teenagers and twens. we live in a country where national tv has two  
channels. one for viewers 50+ and one for the advertiser-relevant  
twens-40s. I think that it is a very true observation, that nowadays  
shows are for different groups of viewers - which was not so when  
shows were made for families (I dream of Jeannie, Falconcrest, Dallas  
to name a few). I do think that the advertising industry plays a big  
role in this change when cartoons are made for TV which are made for  
different age groups and before and between them the ads are tailor- 
made for the program. Also the decrease in the price of the tv-sets  
played a role, because in the old days (60s, 70s) only a few families  
over here could afford more than one tv-sets at home.

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