[Air-L] Twitter Export App for Mac?

Theodore Plothe Z1593072 at students.niu.edu
Sun Apr 11 16:30:42 PDT 2010

Tweesearchers (can I claim that?),
   Thanks for the suggestions thus far! Unfortunately, success has been limited. I am looking at the Twitter feeds of every player in the NFL from a two period in Dec. 2009 (again, I'm way behind). Twitter only keeps 10000 tweets from a single account, the date is irrelevant as I've discovered, but the amount of data saved is the key. Thus an account started in Jan. 2010 by a Twitter user with 12892 tweets will have already had data deleted. Accounts began in Mar. 2009 with only 2167 tweets, will still have all that info accounted for. I only discovered this by manually clicking "more" at the bottom of the page. After 27 clicks, you can sense the frustration building.
   Searchtastic does not allow one to search an individual feed. For hash tags, mentions, and retweets, it's great. Unfortunately, I'm not looking at that. I have begun using TwapperKeeper, but have found it unproductive at times, especially considering it ranks @person as the least of its search parameters. Thus the search collection takes an hour or more to do. I place a name in at 1 pm, guaranteed it's not ready for me to export by 2 pm. I created a person notebook for ShaunPhillips95, and 25 min later, still not filled. I have been unable to export the data in a reliable manner, nor have I have been able to reliably set date ranges to find the data I desire. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Again, any help will be appreciated.

Theo Plothe
Graduate Student
Northern Illinois University
Until next time,

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