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As with many aspects of our culture, especially media-related ones, Marshall
McLuhan had some notable things to say that are relevant to the Wikileaks

"Position papers are secret or confidential documents for the attention of
committees, and any office boy can publish these, no matter how top secret
they may be. The Pentagon Papers were position papers which may or may not
have been studied or discussed by a Congressional committee. They are "the
news behind the news", which used to be considered muckraking but has now
become an ordinary dimension of journalism, such as nourishes the
underground press and which, in turn, affects the forms and publics of the
regular press."

See more on my McLuhan Galaxy blog: http://mcluhangalaxy.wordpress.com/

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Dear Aoir-ers,

Keen graduate students of mine in my International Politics class
want to discuss Wikileaks. In addition to what's been in the news
(newspaper articles, websites, etc.), I would like to give them
some academic background reading, including journal papers,
chapters in books, etc.

The topic of international information disclosure, the responses
to such, is fascinating, but somewhat out of my current research

If anyone has any resources to suggest, I'd greatly appreciate any
suggestions, on or off list. Would be more than willing to share
the results with the list.

Thanks very much in advance for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Leslie Tkach-Kawasaki

Leslie M. Tkach-Kawasaki, Associate Professor
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Tsukuba
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