[Air-L] The state of Internet Law

Thomas Jones thomasallenjones at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 19:50:13 PST 2010

In the US there are only a handful of law schools teaching Law, Science, and Technology tracks - otherwise known as Internet or Cyber Law. Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and a few others have such a program or similar thereto. 

Most other law schools only offer a class or two in what is a young and vibrant area of law, especially in light of the recent Wikileaks escapade.

Do any of you have any insight into other Law Schools that have, or are planning to have a Law, Science, and Technology Law track within their Law School? (Yes, Im looking for candidate law schools to apply to as well) :-)

Do you think this is an area that is being ignored or dismissed as a legitimate niche?

Please discuss!

Thomas Jones

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