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*Peter Lang just published the volume "Nexus: New Intersections in Internet
" *(edited by Daniel Araya, Yana Breindl and Tessa J. Houghton). It's the
legacy project coming out of OII SDP09, QUT, Brisbane, Australia.

The collection examines the current ways that mass collaboration intersects
with sociocultural, technosocial and political changes in varied contexts,
and questions their impact on established institutions and modes of
production. The growing presence of digital technologies and the dramatic
impact of networked collaboration pose a challenge, not only to the dominant
economic paradigm, but also to a broad range of received social science
thinking. This collection interrogates established theories and concepts in
the light of recent developments and builds upon emergent research and
original empirical findings.

"*This book is a rich and varied exploration of current and emerging themes
in Internet research, and a testament to the strength and diversity of the
field.*" (Axel Bruns, Associate Professor, Creative Industries Faculty,
Queensland University of Technology)

"*This book reveals significant trends in Internet research and provides
well-grounded insights into contemporary phenomena surrounding the Internet*."
(Jeremy Hunsinger, Virginia Tech)

"*The talented young scholars behind this collection break new ground in
examining emerging collaborative uses of the Internet and the impact of such
use across a range of settings. Well-written and thematically coherent, this
volume takes us deeper into the social implications of ICTs, while at the
same time ably demonstrating the multidisciplinary and transnational
character of the developing field of Internet studies*." (Peter Dahlgren,
Professor Emeritus, Media and Communication Studies, Lund University,


Foreword - Ralph Schroeder

Introduction: Collective Intelligence- Daniel Araya

*Section 1: Sociocultural Intersections*
Women and Technology: «Five Acts of Digital Agency» - Anitza Geneve/Carla

Snap, Post, Share: Understanding the Online Social Life of Personal
Photography - Eric Cook/Cristina Garduño Freeman

Geo-linguistic Analysis of the World Wide Web: The Use of Cartograms and
Network Analysis to Understand Linguistic Development in Wikipedia - Thomas
Petzold/Hanteng Liao

Mapping the Future of News in a Digital World: US and Australian
Perspectives - Lucy Morieson/Nikki Usher:

*Section 2: Technosocial Intersections*
Media Literacy in the Facebook Age: Designing Online and Face to Face
Learning Environments - Andrés Monroy-Hernándes/Michael Dezuanni/Kai

eHealth: Bridging the Divide between Current Performance and Legitimate
Expectations in Health Care Delivery - Luca Camerini/Yujung Nam

Fielding Networked Marketing: Technology and Authenticity in the
Monetization of Malaysian Blogs - Julian Hopkins/Neal Thomas

Cyberinfrastructure Inside Out: Definition and Influences Shaping Ist
Emergence, Development, and Implementation in the Early 21st Century - Kerk
Kee/Lucy Cradduck/Bridget Blodgett/Rami Olwan

*Section 3: Political Intersections*
Leetocracy: Networked Political Activism or the Continuation of Elitism in
Competitive Democracy - Yana Breindl/Nils Gustafsson

The People's Republic of Hacktivism: A Public Sphere Theoretical
Interpretation of Online Independence Movements and the People's Republic of
China - Tessa J. Houghton

Cybercrime: A New Challenge for Legislation and International
Negotiation - Yao-Chung

ICTs and the Green Economy: US and Chinese Policy in the 21st Century - Daniel
Araya/Jin Shang/Jingfang Liu

An Afterchat by Jean Burgess/Marcus Foth


Tessa J. Houghton

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Media and Communication
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University of Canterbury
New Zealand

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