[Air-L] Second Call and EXTENDED DEADLINE: 2011 Winter Conference on Conceptions in Communication Research

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Wed Dec 22 14:34:34 PST 2010

*** Please distribute widely.  This is a perfect target for Internet and
Non-Internet researchers alike.  Works from practitioners is also welcome. A
PDF of this document is available on the website. ***

*SCLCR Call for Media (CfM): 2011 Winter Conference on Conceptions in
Communication Research*

The Society for Conceptual Logistics in Communication Research (SCLCR;
http://www.sclcr.com) is proud to announce its 2011 Winter Conference:
Conceptions in Communication. SCLCR works to connect scholars, students, and
practitioners in innovative and useful ways.  The 2011 Winter Conference on
Conceptions in the study of communication seeks your submissions. This is a
virtual conference, presenters are not required to physically travel to a
conference location but instead provide their presentations to viewers
online. It’s completely free to submitters and viewers. The goal of the
conference is to share the work being done with conceptual logistics in
communication research.

In the context of SCLCR, Communication is not treated as a closed “field” or
“discipline.” Every field serves and is served by human communication. As
such, SCLCR and its conference are neither inter-disciplinary nor
trans-disciplinary; instead we approach communication as an important
endeavor studied via any number of conceptions. We use the term conceptual
logistics to address the ability to think about and apply these conceptions
in ways that aid communication research. Our emphasis is on the dynamic
character of conceptualizing in the research process.

*Submission Possibilities:*

This online conference encourages the use of multiple media and formats. As
such you are invited to submit work that explicates a communication
conception (such as a theory like “framing” or a method like “network
analysis” whether established or new) using any number of approaches
including, but not limited to:

   - Novel Diagrams, especially graphical ones
   - Interactive Applications
   - Video
   - Animation
   - Comics or Cartoons
   - Audio presentations
   - Photography, edited or not
   - Written Essays (maximum 5,000 words)

Originality is encouraged and group works are accepted. You might address a
conception you are currently using in your research or perhaps this is your
chance to look into an area new to you. Interactive video or audio based
items should not exceed 10 minutes in length and, if applicable, take no
more than 200 megabytes. Essays should be no longer than 5,000 words long
and follow APA style guidelines. Visit the conference website at

*Open Society:*

All content will be available to all members of SCLCR. The conference is
open in the sense that any member may submit and any member may “attend” the
virtual conference for no charge. Further, members may comment on the
materials to provide feedback and foster discussion. Work will be posted
indefinitely and be accessible to members in the future.

You are submitting your work under a Creative Commons Attribution
Non-Commercial No Derivatives license which protects your work: others may
reference, build on, and share it with others but they must credit you and
cannot use your work for commercial purposes. And best of all you retain the
rights to your own work so you can use it later on without worrying about
technicalities or paperwork.

*Journal of Conceptual Logistics:*

Selected presenters will be asked to submit their work for inclusion in
SCLCR’s multimedia journal, The Journal of Conceptual Logistics. Authors
will be contacted by the Journal’s editors.

*Submissions, Contacts, and Questions:*

Submissions are due on or before midnight *Jan 15, 2011* as a great way to
ring in a New Year. Submissions will be evaluated via blind review. You will
notified about the status of your presentations by *January 30, 2011* when
the journal entries will be posted.

To submit, ask questions, or get more details visit the conference website
at http://www.sclcr.com/conference

You may direct questions to the conference director: gordon at sclcr.com

We look forward to your submissions. Thank you.

-Gordon Carlson
-Director, Society for Conceptual Logistics in Communication Research

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