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SIPRnet is a beast in itself, And stemmed from the DMS (defense messaging system). To answer your question I would pursue looking into the evolution of DMS itself. I was a SIPR admin once upon a time, FYI.

I cannot comment on the intricate details of SIPR today because I'd like to keep my security clearance, but it used to be a wholly separate network infrastructure, and the specifications of said network were outlined in EMSEC policies, etc.

It is integrated over a single fabric now thanks to physical cryptographic devices capable of routing and switching, but that's about all that can be said other than what's in the wikipedia article, which I think is fairly accurate.



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> Can anyone provide a citable statement of how SIPRNet started? -- it's where the WikiLeaks cables came from?
> What person/agency came up with the idea of putting all the US State Dept and US Defense Dept diplomatic secret and confidential cables on the internal net to keep all of them in the know.
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