[Air-L] Call for Chapter Proposal--Social Media Campaigns: Methods and Issues

Sarina Chen Sarina.Chen at uni.edu
Tue Feb 2 10:53:41 PST 2010

Call for Chapter Proposal—Submission Deadline March 1, 2010

For the Edited Collection

Social Media Campaigns: Methods and Issues

Edited by Jayne Witte, Gayle Pohl, Tom Hall, and Shing-Ling S. Chen,  
University of Northern Iowa

To be published by Peter Lang Publishing


With the emergence of social media (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.),  
practitioners are no longer limited to traditional means of campaign  
methods.  Social media provide campaign practitioners new  
opportunities to construct a new kind of campaign that is more  
efficient and complex than what was previously possible using  
traditional approaches.  With new methods of contact and  
dissemination, practitioners are able to construct integrated social  
networks and implement well-coordinated campaigns.  Social networking  
environments thus call for a different methodological orientation on  
the part of the campaign practitioners.  This different approach  
begets a myriad of methods and issues not generally addressed in  
existing texts, except perhaps in passing.

Social Media Campaigns:  Methods and Issues  is a collection of essays  
by veteran social media campaign practitioners who provide: (1)  
testimonial illustrations as to how to effectively utilize various  
online social networking tools to implement campaigns, that is, the  
“dos” and “don'ts” of social media campaigns, may they be political or  
non-political, commercial or non-profit campaigns, and (2) discussions  
of critical issues encountered in social media campaigns.  The former  
serves as a resource for teachers, students and practitioners who  
utilize online social networking tools for campaigning.  The latter is  
designed to stimulate ongoing debates and creative ideas about a  
pioneering arena of research.  In sum, the book is designed to make a  
distinctive contribution to the literature that addresses online  
research, as well as the fields of inquiry for traditional campaign  
methods (public relations, advertising, marketing, communication,  
journalism, sociology, psychology, education, medicine as well as  
related disciplines).  The book is designed to be a required textbook  
for campaign methods classes, as well as a resource for practitioners,  
as it deals with methodological considerations in developing social  
media campaign.


Prospective authors are invited to submit chapter proposal of 200 –  
500 words on or before March 1, 2010.  In the proposal, please clearly  
specify:  (1) the purpose and content of the proposed chapter, and (2)  
how the proposed chapter relates to the overall objectives of the book.

Authors will be notified the status of their proposal by April 1, 2010.

Please send inquiries or submit material electronically to Jayne Witte  
at jayne.witte at uni.edu.


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