[Air-L] Net neutrality- towards a co-regulatory solution

chris marsden ctmarsden at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 2 23:53:46 PST 2010

Dear all
In the spirit of sharing...Here's the book 'Net 
neutrality: towards a co-regulatory solution' - its 
on a Creative Commons 
download from Bloomsbury <http://bit.ly/buQqi7>

Do share the URL 
as widely as possible - anyone can download, remix and 
repost the book, as 
long as they attribute it to me and do not try to 
resell it!

course if you know anyone wishing to review (its a curate's egg, good 
places) - either in print or blog - they will receive a free copy of 

More details by chris to Net 
neutrality in Europe  
 Mr Chris Marsden
Senior Lecturer in Communications Law
University of Essex
cmars at essex.ac.uk


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