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anna annclub1 at rambler.ru
Wed Feb 3 06:12:50 PST 2010

Dear all,

I am doing my research in the field of political studies. My first 
project was the analysis of language in a BBC forum using concordance 
and statistical programs. Having done that, I am now starting a new 
project which is going to be bigger and which is to result in a PhD 
thesis. As I still want to be in this field, I am thinking about 
analyzing political web sites, i.e. it can be official sites of 
presidents, political parties, etc. It would be interesting to see how 
these sites are constructed, what language is used there, and how the 
"ideology" of a party/politician is transmitted through these sites. I 
am not sure if I have been clear about my idea, but I would love to get 
your feedback and/or experience in doing similar research. Also, if you 
think that this idea isn´t worth working, tell me that! I am more than 
open for any kind of public opinion at this period of my research life!

Thank you very much,

Anna Ivanova
PhD Candidate, University of Seville, Spain
ivanova.re at gmail.com

anna          .

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