[Air-L] please comment research methodology

Sorachai Kamollimsakul lekkung at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 6 11:23:39 PST 2010


I try to write a research propal about  thai senior citizens and the internet. This research aims to study about internet using behavior of Thai senior citizens, advantage, and disadvantage in internet use and supporting ways by theirs opinion. 


I want to study only thai elderly who use the internet. recently statistic, has 77,869 older persons. 


What do you think, if I use 3 method

- questionair sent to 400 senior citizens (or more)  who pass training about internet use.

- online questionair  

- focus group disscussion 4 groups in 4 parts of Thailands (1 group per 1 part)


I hope  AOIR mailing list member express your comment about methodology. 


Thank you.


Kamollimsakul S.



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