[Air-L] Query: Mobile phone adaptation process, segmented by life-style

Till Westermayer till at tillwe.de
Sun Feb 7 02:08:29 PST 2010


first of all: mobile phone use is not the main topic of this list, and 
I know that. Nevertheless, I thought this list could be helpful for a 
question I have.

I'm a PhD student at Freiburg University. The topic of my PhD thesis 
is adaptation of the mobile phone in "milieux of sustainability" (e.g. 
SINUS postmaterialist), based mostly on qualitative research, i.e. 
narrative interviews about mobile phone practices.

Additionally, I'm looking for statistical data about the adaptation of 
the mobile phone in specific life-style segments, especially in 
Germany. I know about Typologie der Wünsche, which has some public 
data about mobile phone use in social milieux (SINUS typology). I'm 
interested in the diffusion rate of mobile phones in specific 
life-style segments over the last decade or so - currently, mobile 
phone ownership is equal or even higher in postmaterialist 
milieux/milieux of sustainability compared to other social milieux.

I'm curious if this is also true for the early adaptation phase of the 
mobile phone (say, 1995-2000), and grateful for any hints where I 
could find more data to look into this question.

Best regards,

Till Westermayer

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