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"Global, Mobile, Virtual, and Social: The College Campus of Tomorrow"

A Great Article From A Future Issue Of _The Futurist_ [:-)

IMHO > Most Prescient Insights From The Late Sixties / Early Seventies [OMG]

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Global, Mobile, Virtual, and Social: The College Campus of Tomorrow

John Dew / The Futurist / Washington / Mar/Apr 2010 / Vol. 44 /  Iss. 2 /
pg. 46 / 5 pgs [snip]

An educator and strategic planner outlines the trends leading to a
long-forecast future for colleges and universities: Global standardization
of education content and accreditation, greater diversity in the student
body, and more options for where, when, and how learning takes place.

In 1972, visionary futurists Robert Theobald and J. M. Scott wrote one of
the most interesting works related to education in the field of future
studies, Teg's 1994: An Anticipation of the Near Future. Like many
significant studies of the future, Teg's 1994 was written as a work of
fiction, in this case about a college student named Teg and her experiences
as an "Orwell Scholar" in the year 1994.

What makes Teg's 1994 significant is the nature of the future of higher
education that Theobald and Scott envisioned and how much of it has come to
pass. In many ways, Teg's 1994 can also provide valuable insights into the
future of higher education that this fictional student's own children and
grandchildren might encounter over the next 25 years.

Theobald and Scott were able to fairly accurately describe many of the
trends in higher education that have actually occurred over the intervening
37 years. This includes a description of a worldwide computer system that
provides Teg with opportunities to conduct her own research, as well as
communicate with her peers; campus locations around the world that enable
her to conduct her studies in different geographical settings; a faculty
member who serves as a mentor, with whom she corresponds by e-mail; and ...


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