[Air-L] Most of use Methods; few study Methodology

Philippa Smith philippa.smith at aut.ac.nz
Mon Feb 8 17:33:22 PST 2010

In my field of critical discourse analysis there is an ongoing discussion about it being both a method and a methodology.  Therefore a lack of differentiation between the two is likely to cause problems in both research discussions and in writing.  I'm sure that CDA would not be the only area where this applies.  I vote for the maintenance of the original - I guess I am a traditionalist at heart!
Philippa K Smith
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>>> Barry Wellman <wellman at chass.utoronto.ca> 9/02/2010 12:11 p.m. >>>
I'm with Marj Kibby, but I've almost given up fighting against the misuse
of "Methodology" for "Method"

Most of use 1 or more Methods

Only a few of us study the development or evaluation of better Methods:

Methodology is pretentious. But so many people have used it to mean
Method(s), that it's become widely and unconsciously imitated.

Let us henceforth use our Methods with cheer, pride and self-awareness.

And my hat's off to those intrepid few Methodologists who study, evaluate
and develop new Methods.

Barry Wellman

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