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G'day !

Last call for article submissions:

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>                         Call for Papers: 'ambient'
>                          Edited by Luke Jaaniste
> Ambience is all around us. Wherever we are. Conditioned as we are as
> being-in-the-world, we are always surrounded. A surrounding that affords
> meaningful pathways and places of action and thought, that is intelligently
> geared up with us. The fundamental surroundings might be the earth itself,
> upon which multiple worlds, spaces, zones, nets, webs, districts, precincts
> and the like occupy our lives, as we occupy them.
> Ambience can be contrasted with salience. What is salient is what is of
> immediate interest and attention. Before us right now, taken up. Hopefully,
> dear reader, these words you are reading have particular salience for you.
> Right now. But when something is taken up in our field of attention and
> action, there is so much that remains, always already there, in the
> background, in the periphery, in the ether, in the air. So when Brian Eno
> famously coined the term 'ambient music' in the 1970s - and triggered off a
> whole raft of terms like ambient video, ambient art, ambient architecture,
> ambient tv, ambient media, ambient marketing, ambient journalism, ambient
> computing, ambient screens, ambient poetics and ambient literature - he was
> doing something a little odd. Making ambience salient. In his music and in
> his discourse about it.
> Ambience has been palpably in place, since the dawn of time, but as way of
> talking about the world is helps gear us towards the all-around and how so
> much of being human is conditioned and affected by our surrounds, in a age
> when place and place-making has changed in dramatic ways, locally and
> globally. In this issue, we ask: what ideas and interaction take place in
> ambience?
> Please send a 100-word abstract to the editors at
> ambient at journal.media-culture.org.au. Articles of 3,000 words in length
> should be submitted online at http://journal.media-culture.org.au/ and
> should be prepared in accordance with the M/C Journal style guidelines,
> available at
> http://journal.media-culture.org.au/index.php/mcjournal/about/submissions.
> Article deadline:     5 Mar. 2010
> Issue release date:   5 May 2010
> M/C Journal was founded (as "M/C - A Journal of Media and Culture") in 1998
> as a place of public intellectualism analysing and critiquing the meeting of
> media and culture. Contributors are directed to past issues of M/C Journal
> for examples of style and content, and to the submissions page for
> comprehensive article submission guidelines. M/C Journal articles are blind
> peer-reviewed.
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> Further M/C Journal issues scheduled for 2010/11:
> 'ambient':   article deadline 5 Mar. 2010,    release date 5 May 2010
> 'deaf':      article deadline 30 Apr. 2010,   release date 30 June 2010
> 'waste':     article deadline 25 June 2010,   release date 25 Aug. 2010
> 'pig':       article deadline 20 Aug. 2010,   release date 20 Oct. 2010
> 'coalition': article deadline 15 Oct. 2010,   release date 15 Dec. 2010
> 'doubt':     article deadline 21 Jan. 2011,   release date 23 Mar. 2011
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