[Air-L] Fantasy and the Net panel (IR.11)

Frans Mäyrä frans.mayra at uta.fi
Mon Feb 15 05:23:26 PST 2010

Hi all,

here is another last minute opportunity to join forces in proposing an 
interesting panel for IR.11: I am coordinating a panel titled "Fantasy 
and the Net" that will look into how fantasy (as an imaginative impulse 
as well as a transmedial genre of popular culture) is being reframed and 
reinterpreted in online games and other forms of participation in the 
Internet. The collaborative forms of fantasy fandom, organizational 
practices of online fantasy game guilds, as well as the creative 
potentials of online media for producing and sharing fantasy art are 
only some of the possible topics this panel can address. Hopefully we 
can contribute towards building some kind of overview of what "online 
fantasy" actually means today.

If you are interested, please send me (frans.mayra at uta.fi) a brief 
abstract (250-500 words is fine) and your short bio/cv, by the Friday 
18th February internal deadline.

Looking forward to discussing fantasy in Gothenburg;

- frans -

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