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Peter Timusk ptimusk at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 16 18:01:55 PST 2010

just some thoughts below. Feel free to request my unpublished paper on  
facebook and privacy where I look at networks and privacy settings in  
facebook. It is probably dated now.

I know common notions in law of privacy were based on the invention of  
the camera and a famous case of photo journalism. It is a more than  
100 year old case in the Harvard law journal. So technology seems to  
move this law. The university of Ottawa law and technology students  
moved facebook.

At work I am under a law to keep respondent information confidential.  
I could be fined 10,000 dollars and go to jail for 10 years. Um  
research ethics of the state that.

I wonder about red lining which is where insurance companies do  
demographic research and charge the poor too much? Poverty is  
something to hide. Poverty is not caused by doing something wrong in  
many political views.

The gain is often internet access broadly defined ( the goods of using  
the net included ) that we trade for privacy.

Disabilities are something to hide when like mine are psychiatric. I  
want fellow activists in the disability movement to know about this  
but not my fellow workers who are security guards ( a great job for  
students btw is the night shift as you can read 1000 of pages of case  
law in empty buildings).

On 16-Feb-10, at 12:58 AM, Charles Ess wrote:

> by highlighting the connection in Western
> liberal political philosophy between individual freedoms - including  
> the
> freedom to choose the goals and ends defining one's own good life -  
> and the
> right to privacy as it becomes articulated especially over the last  
> hundred
> years or so.

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