[Air-L] media environment / Internet as ecosystem

Emiliano Treré emiliano.trere at uniud.it
Wed Feb 17 09:13:08 PST 2010

Hi everyone,

In my PhD dissertation I'm focusing on the relations between social
movements and the media, especially the Internet. I need some help in
bibliography with regard to two topics:
1. the concept of media environment, mediascape, media ecology, etc.
I'm considering the whole media repertoire of activists and not just
focus on one specific medium.
2. the conceptualization of Internet not as a simple medium: I need
some hints on papers, books and theories addressing the complexity of
the Internet as an environment, an ecology that cannot be reduced to a
unique technological block.

Thanks a lot.
Emiliano Treré

Emiliano Treré
PhD candidate
Doctoral Program in Multimedia Communication
University of Udine, Italy

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