[Air-L] information on quality reviews (e.g. trip advisor) (Arjan van den Born)

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Mon Feb 22 01:59:33 PST 2010

Dear Arjan,

we have a paper about the impact of internet reviews on the
trustworthiness of the seller:

Utz, S., Matzat, U., & Snijders, C. (2009). "Online Reputation
Systems: The Effects of Feedback Comments and Reactions on Building
and Rebuilding Trust in Online Auctions." in: International Journal of
Electronic Commerce, 13, 3: 95-118.

In the list of references of this paper you find other studies, for instance:

Pavlou, P. A. and Dimoka, A. The nature and role of feedback text
comments in online marketplaces: implications for trust building,
price premiums, and seller differentiation.
Information Systems Research, 17, 4 (December 2006), 392414.

Best regards,


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Dear all,

Perhaps a somewhat change request here, but does anyone know about
research done on the impact of internet quality reviews (e.g. the reviews
on tripadvisor.com) on the actual purchase and price of products and
services on the internet?

Thank you very much in advance..


Arjan van den Born

Uwe Matzat
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