[Air-L] Call for papers_2nd Internationl Workshop on Internet Survey Methods

Youkang Chin cyk0221 at korea.kr
Wed Feb 24 16:17:53 PST 2010

   The Second International Workshop on Internet Survey Methods

   “Use of Internet Survey Methods in Official Statistics”

   Date : 8^th~9^th September, 2010

   Venue : Statistical Center of Statistics Korea, Daejeon, South Korea

   Organizer : Statistics Korea, International Statistical Cooperation
   Office : [1]www.kostat.go.kr

   Workshop Description

   The theme of the 2nd International Workshop on Internet Survey Methods
   is "Use of Internet Survey Methods in Official Statistics.” The
   Workshop will explore major concerns that national statistical offices
   are facing in the era of Internet and how each office is coping with
   the changes in environment of conducting surveys. National case studies
   and researches on using Internet surveys in official statistics will be
   presented. At the same time, the Workshop will touch the general issues
   of Internet surveys such as mixed-mode surveys and its measurement
   error, estimation for non-probability samples and technical issues of
   Internet surveys(questionnaire design and visualization etc). The
   tentative discussion topics are;

   ? (Special Topic) National Case Studies on Applying Internet Surveys in
   Official Statistics

   ? Mixed-mode Surveys

   ? Estimation for Non-Probability Samples

   - Propensity Score Adjustment: Concept, Application and Case Studies

   - Weighting Scheme for Voluntary Samples

   ? Technical Issues on Conducting Internet Surveys

   - Questionnaire Design and Visualisation

   The Workshop language is English. Please contribute to the above
   workshop topics. The presentation of applications, best practice
   examples and case studies are encouraged. In particular, new and
   innovative approaches are strongly recommended to be discussed.

                               Call for Papers

   Statistics Korea’s 2nd International Workshop on Internet Survey
   Methods will take place at Statistical Center in Daejeon, Korea from
   8-9 September 2010. The Workshop will be titled “Use of Internet
   Survey Methods in Official Statistics.” Mostly, statisticians from
   national statistical offices around the world and methodologists from
   private organizations and universities will be invited as speakers.
   Anyone who has a special interest in statistical or methodological
   issues can join our workshop.

   We invite papers addressing the following themes:

    · Use of Internet Surveys in Official Statistics

    · Mixed-mode surveys : Coverage, Errors, Response Rates etc

    · Estimation for non-probability samples : Propensity Score
   Adjustment, Weighting Scheme for voluntary samples

    · Survey Design : Questionnaire design, Visualization etc.

   Those who wish to contribute a paper must submit your proposal via
   email to : cyk0221 at korea.kr by 9th May 2010. It should include a
   300-word abstract (English only, MS-word format) of the content of the
   presentation, as well as its title and your contact details.

   Acceptance notification will be delivered at the end of May. In the
   case where your proposal has been accepted, the final full paper should
   be submitted by 15th August 2010. This deadline should be met in order
   to publish a conference proceedings prior to the workshop.

   We will provide a decent level of financial support for the invitees
   whose paper is selected for presentation.

   ·Organizer : Youkang Chin (cyk0221 at korea.kr)

   Youkang CHIN(Ms.)

   Assistant Director

   International Statistical Cooperation Division

   Statistics Korea

   82(0)42 481 2124

   cyk0221 at korea.kr

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   1. http://www.kostat.go.kr/

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