[Air-L] Reid Cornwell

Chris Hodge chodge5 at utk.edu
Mon Jan 4 08:29:25 PST 2010

I am a "friend" of Reid Cornwell's on FB, although I've never met him
and can't clearly remember why (if I ever knew why) he sent me a
friend request in the first place.

I find FB, while remaining a great way to keep in touch with real
friends ("My cold won't go away," "We had to take Ginger to the vet"
etc.), is also becoming the place where I continue those watercooler
conversations with professional colleagues ("Am at Supercomputing and
just saw a presentation that didn't suck," e.g.). I suppose this is
the same function as Twitter -- I follow Howard Rheingold on Twitter
for instance -- but FB seems to suggest a more communal conversation.

Cornwell' posts to FB BTW fall into that useful watercooler category.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 11:16 AM, Christophe Prieur
<christophe.prieur at liafa.jussieu.fr> wrote:
> I see an interesting thread coming up, let's say 10-15 posts a day, about
> friend request practices.
> Btw Burcu, does this Reid Cornwell frequently update about their breakfast?
> [Warning: this is a j-o-k-e, i think this kind of discussions is what this
> list is for]
> --      Christophe.
> Le 4 janv. 10 à 17:09, Burcu Bakioglu a écrit :
>> Helen,
>> He is my FB friend too... He also seems to have a bunch of other scholars
>> as
>> his FB friends... I guess I don't quite understand what made you
>> suspicious.
>> Care to elaborate?
>> On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 10:55 AM, helen roinioti <helen_roi at yahoo.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi everybody,
>>> I got a friend request in facebook from dr Reid Cornwell. He also send me
>>> an invitation to register at the Center for Internet Research, something
>>> that puzzled me
>>> I did a little bit of digging to see whats going on but i am still a
>>> little
>>> bit confused...i would appreciate if someone enlighten me
>>> Thanks a lot
>>> E.
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