[Air-L] Reid Cornwell

Bob Rehak brehak1 at swarthmore.edu
Mon Jan 4 13:57:09 PST 2010

My apologies for speaking with such ire in my previous post. Those who have called me out on my characterization of Cornwell are of course correct: there is neither need nor benefit to refight long-settled disputes or reopen past wounds. Suffice it to say that I found *my* experience with Cornwell exasperating, and decided that -- purely in my opinion -- that I was dealing with a classic troll, in the sense of someone who seems intent merely on ticking others off and watching the fireworks. When I saw his name come up again today, something snapped, and I felt I had to sound a warning. Those who don't know Cornwell, or who wish to assess him on his current merits, or who simply have an opinion different from mine, should disregard my prior message and go in peace.

As a rule, I'm against hatin'. More fool me for getting my back up. (That's the curse of trolling -- it tends to reproduce itself.)

Bob Rehak
Assistant Professor and Chair
Film and Media Studies Program
Swarthmore College

----- "Rhiannon Bury" <rcbury at rogers.com> wrote:

> Without the history, I understand why people would be thinking this
> discussion of "Reid Cornell" is problematic. I had in fact forgotten
> that he even "existed" (indeed, I'm not convinced he is an actual
> person and not just an alias). When I saw his name multiple times in
> my inbox, I involuntarily shuddered. I'm with the previous poster who
> said that the facebook friend requests from him are a variation of the
> same old refrain. 
> Rhiannon
> Rhiannon Bury
> Assistant Professor, Women's Studies
> Athabasca University
> rbury at athabascau.ca
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