[Air-L] Call for Contributions--Public Intellectuals

Karyn Hollis karyn.hollis at villanova.edu
Thu Jan 7 15:03:16 PST 2010


   Edited by Silvia Nagy-Zekmi and Karyn Hollis
   Villanova University

   Under contract
   Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholar Publishing

   We are searching for articles to accompany the essays we have already
   assembled for this volume which presents new scholarship on the role of
   the intellectual in society and specifically in academe.  Intellectuals
   have been negotiating access to public discourse for centuries, but
   never have their opinions been more crucial to the public good.
   According to Edward Said, the main function of the intellectual is to
   "speak the truth to power" (hence our title) and to be "a witness to
   persecution and suffering, supplying a dissenting voice in conflicts
   with authority." That these voices, however, are often drowned out in
   the media fray or are absent altogether, cries out for public
   deliberation itself.  Our book provides one arena for this essential

   Essays included address such notions as the decline of American public
   intellectuals and their entrapment between Academe and the "real" world
   as well as between the private and the public spheres. In an era of a
   worldwide political and economic crisis, these concerns are timelier
   than ever.  We are looking for essays that address these general topics
   or more specific questions, such as how can the voices of scholars and
   erudite thinkers penetrate the globalized, corporate media?  And how do
   media receive and represent the contribution of intellectuals to the
   academic and public spheres?  Our volume addresses the transition from
   the restrictive Bush era to the more open public discourse under the
   Obama administration and explores possible answers to these questions
   with a special focus on the humanities.

   If you have written an essay which you believe might fit our volume,
   please sent it to  ([2]silvia.nagyzekmi at villanova.edu or
   [3]karyn.hollis at villanova.edu) no later than January 31, 2010.
   Articles will be reviewed by the editorial board of the publisher and
   should be no longer than 15 pages (double spaced), MLA format of
   (in-text citation and works cited section).  Use footnotes only for
   comments, not for bibliographical references. Times New Roman, 12pt.


   1. http://www.c-s-p.org/
   2. mailto:silvia.nagyzekmi at villanova.edu
   3. mailto:karyn.hollis at villanova.edu

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