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this was sent to the interpretations and methods group, but I thought that several people here would find it useful.  if you are interested in the interpretive paradigm of research, i've left the list information below too.

> Colleagues,
> Yvonna Lincoln, one of the central figures in the qualitative methods ‘revival’ of the last 2 decades, has published a most interesting essay, “’What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been...’: Twenty-Five Years of Qualitative and New Paradigm Research” (Qualitative Inquiry 16/1, January 2010) --
> http://qix.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/16/1/3
> For me, she nails several key issues in precisely the right way (centrally, the thorny matter of ‘mixed methods’ and whether the debate about paradigm incommensurability is a dead horse; but also the issue of ‘cumulative’ knowledge and the struggle to find an interpretivist metaphor to better express the idea).
> Dvora Yanow
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