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8th European Conference on Interactive TV and Video EuroITV2010  "web.sharing.tv.content 

June 9th-11th, Tampere, Finland, http://www.euroitv2010.org/

3rd Call for Papers, Demos, Tutorials, and Industrial Exhibitions

-       Full Paper deadline extended till 24th January 2010
-       Tutorial deadline extended till 15th January 2010
-       Short Paper deadline approaching 7th February 2010

& ART' TRACK (!)

New in EuroITV:
-	4 tracks: interactive content & arts, HCI, technology, and media  
-	video and TV in the age of Web 3.0.
-	EuroITV competition grand challenge
-	targeted and themed workshops
-	email list: on https://listmail.tut.fi/mailman/listinfo/euroitv2010
-	proceedings published within the ACM Digital Library and special  

Thanks to our Sponsors: Nokia


EuroITV is the leading international conference for media related to  
video and television. EuroITV is attended
by academia and professionals from all over the world to discuss  
latest advances and research of media technology,
HCI, media studies, and the content creation community. In addition to  
previous years' topics of the conference,
EuroITV 2010 offers new opportunities this year:

   EuroITV 2010 extends its tracks with a new track to explicitly  
attract the creative media production
   community dealing with interactive video, 3D cinema, TV program  
formats, film production, and consumers as
   content creators and contributors.

   EuroITV 2010 faces the challenges of TV as changing environment and  
explicitly invites contributions
   dealing with user-generated content, video in social networking,  
mashup networks, IPTV, cross-media,
   broadcasting everywhere, 3D cinema/3D IPTV/3D content, and video.b

   EuroITV 2010 also offers a competition opened for artistic content  
creators, application developers, and
   service designers to get awarded by EuroITV.


January  15th, 2010: Tutorial Proposals (extended)
January  24th, 2010: Full Paper Submissions (extended)
February 07th, 2010: Short Papers, Posters, Doctoral Consortium, Demos
March    21st, 2010: Industry Exhibitions
April     1st, 2010: EuroITV Competition Grand Challenge

More information about other sessions, e.g. for business oriented  
work, will follow soon.
More details can be found on: http://www.euroitv2010.org/

This year's conference consists of four tracks, each with their own  
program committee and a separate track chair,
coordinated by an overall Program Chair. Full papers, short papers and  
posters have to be submitted in one of
these tracks, to optimize the review process. If not sure, choose the  
track which is closest to the main topic
of your submission, and of which you feel that community is most  
appropriate to review your work.

Track 1: Interactive Content & Arts
Track 2: Human-Computer Interaction
Track 3: Media, Social and Economic Studies
Track 4: Systems and Enabling Technologies

Track 1: Interactive Content & Arts Track
.	Studies of interactive, collaborative content & video
.	Storytelling
.	Digital gaming
.	Role playing
.	Virtual worlds, mixed reality, and bringing video into the world
.	Distributed and networked experience design
.	Immersion
.	Social media in storytelling
.	Ambient media, locative media, cross media formats, and social media
.	Artistic and aesthetic uses of interactivity
.	Viewer, player, user, and collaborative co-creator
.	Towards a new form language for video & television
.	Social media utilizing online video as an art form
.	Video and TV genres on interactive platforms and in virtual worlds
.	Video and TV as alternate reality games

Track 2: Human-Computer Interaction
.	User-centered design
.	Development and evaluation of iTV systems and services
.	Interaction technologies for interactive TV and cross-media  
.	Studies on iTV and media usage
.	Design and evaluation methods for the area of interactive TV
.	Case studies of successful/unsuccessful iTV systems and deployments  
of usability and user experience
.	Accessibility of iTV services
.	Cross-over media concepts and implementations
.	Investigations on iTV acceptance and related concepts (trust,  
privacy, security).

Track 3: Media, Social and Economic Studies
.	Television practices and experiences related to privacy, trust and  
.	Direct marketing and profiling techniques for interactive TV:  
personalization and user modelling
.	Measurability, interactivity and addressability of ITV use and  
.	Business models, media management, media economics, t-commerce, t- 
.	Interactive Digital Television and internet-of-things applications
.	Audience research, television studies, ethnography, user studies
.	New advertising and revenue models for television
.	User creativity on/via television: Web2.0, social media, community  
television, user-generated content
.	Ethical, regulatory and policy issues
.	Everyday life practices by family, elderly, youngsters and children
.	Digital divide and e-inclusion issues
.	Methods for digital television research and design
.	From mass media to mass self-communication
.	Transitions in broadcasting industry and policy related to digital  
convergence and experience economy

Track 4: Systems and Enabling Technologies
.	Mobile TV
.	Ambient intelligence
.	Social TV
.	Digital content production
.	HDTV and digital cinema
.	Entertainment computing
.	Interactive services (games, betting, game shows)
.	Broadband, IPTV, 3DTV and VR systems
.	Accessibility, universal access, multimodal interaction
.	Web 2.0
.	Internet TV (P2P TV, Web-based Interactive TV)
.	Enhanced TV (news, weather, sports)
.	Multimedia communication services
.	Video technology (video conferencing, broadcast, video search)
.	Standards (TV-Anytime, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, SMIL)


For up to date information and further details please visit:

Send any inquiry about the conference to:
info at euroitv2010.org

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Conference mailing list by subscribing on
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