[Air-L] the case for critical commons

jeremy hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Fri Jan 22 08:45:14 PST 2010

It is actually just a spin off of a meme that uses this clip from that movie, there are probably 30 or so different re-texts and mashups i've seen of this clip.  The joke, i think, of the meme is that it never ever comes close to the German, nor is it ever supposed to, nor is the content really supposed to be evil or really related to the clip, it is a play of contrasts and a play of hyperbole.   I think you hit it on the head, it is supposed to be contrary to intentions, that's sort of its point. Sometimes people re-vocalize the video, but usually they just subtitle it.    True it does for some play off the general ignorance of germans, but then the meme has traveled quite far and wide, however, i'm pretty sure that neither german, nor evil is supposed to be the point here.  I think the point of the meme centers around the banality of the reproduction and reconstruction of the meanings, well if it has a point at all and isn't, which it frequently is just a form of nihilism of the /b/ sort.  

I posted this one because there was recently a big debate across a series of blogs about digital humanities versus media studies and I think the use of the meme here captures elements of the mutual critique.   

I'm sorry you didn't find it worth watching.  
On Jan 22, 2010, at 11:31 AM, Charles Ess wrote:

> Very sorry to have to say this ...
> How profoundly disappointing, if not on the edge of insulting.
> If (a) you know German reasonably well, and especially if (b) you've seen
> the terrific film, Der Untergang, that is ripped off here - it doesn't
> strike me as funny at all.
> The kindest thing that I can say about it from my standpoint is that it is a
> weak attempt at humor that depends first of all upon complete ignorance of
> German, and secondly a strikingly uncritical willingness to accept the now
> very tired trope of Hitler as the archetype of reactionary evil. (Part of
> the irony here: I don't think he was all that reactionary, especially with
> regard to new technologies.)
> As sympathetic as I am to the argument attempted to be made here - this
> seems to me to thereby works directly contrary to its intentions.
> Sorry - no one bats a thousand, not even the redoubtable Jeremy!
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>> in case you've not seen this
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