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>> On Jan 26, 2010, at 10:48 AM, Steven Clift wrote:
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>>> http://reboot.fcc.gov/futureofmedia
>>> Welcome to the website for The Future of Media and the Information
>>> Needs of Communities in a Digital Age. The media landscape is changing
>>> rapidly. On the one hand, there are many innovative new sources for
>>> news and information. On the other hand, citizens may find significant
>>> gaps, including in the availability of some kinds of local news and
>>> information. This could have dire consequences for democracy and the
>>> health of communities, hindering citizens’ ability to hold their
>>> leaders and institutions accountable.
>>> This Future of Media project will review the state of the traditional
>>> sources of news and journalism, and new models for providing
>>> information to consumers and communities (e.g., information about
>>> disaster procedures, schools, crime, and public health matters, etc).
>>> The goal: to help ensure that all Americans have access to vibrant,
>>> diverse sources of news and information that will enable them to
>>> enrich their families, communities and democracy.
>>> Please tell us about the media in your community, and give us your
>>> views about how policymakers should think about these issues.
>>> Join the Discussion
>>> Media In Your Community
>>> Tell us about your community and its media. Do you have a newspaper?
>>> Local TV news stations? Great websites? Anything else? What works
>>> well? What works poorly? How have things changed over time? What
>>> information do you wish you could get but can't?
>>>    * Share stories about media in your community
>>> Improving the Media
>>> Creative ideas are needed. Please tell us what could be done to
>>> improve information and news in this digital era.
>>>    * What government policies could improve the news and information media?
>>>    * How should media companies change their approaches to delivering
>>> news and information?
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