[Air-L] Mapping Cyberscapes: Where Place and Cyberspace meet

Yosem Companys ycompanys at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 16:44:19 PST 2010

Dear friends,

Last year, professors Joshua
Larry Diamond <http://fsi.stanford.edu/people/larrydiamond/> and Terry
Winograd <http://fsi.stanford.edu/people/terrywinograd/> founded the Program
on Liberation Technology<http://fsi.stanford.edu/research/program_on_liberation_technology/>at
Stanford University.

The purpose of the Program is to understand how (and to what extent) various
information technologies and their applications -- including mobile phones,
text messaging (SMS), the Internet, blogging, GPS, and other forms of
digital technology -- are enabling citizens to advance freedom, development,
social justice, and the rule of law.  The program lies at the intersection
of social science, computer science, and engineering and thus focuses not
only on conducting research but also on fostering the design of new
technologies to achieve these ends.

This year, the Program has made the decision to expand its mailing list
beyond members of the Stanford community.  If you are interested in joining
our community, please let me know.



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