[Air-L] Creative, useful way of using Facebook

live human.factor.one at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 23:40:20 PST 2010

Creative, useful, innovative way of using Facebook:

A local professional soccer player (next year will be MLS) used his  
Facebook Wall to have an 'auction' among his 700+ 'friends' (mostly  
fans I suspect) of various official game shirts (many signed) and  
other auction items like "2 hours doing anything in town with Defender  
Cameron Knowles - play on the pitch, have a beer, anything."

The auction winners then had to donate said winning bids amount to the  
Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund, and bring receipt to meetup at pizza spot  
to get their auction item.

I thought it was a very innovative, immediate way for an individual in  
a fairly bright spotlight (the Timbers soccer club play in a stadium  
with game attendance around 10,000+) to use online social media to  
make an immediate impact.

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