[Air-L] PBS Frontline: 'Digital Nation'

Richard Forno rforno at infowarrior.org
Sun Jan 31 13:57:19 PST 2010

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Airs Feb. 2nd, 9PM ET (check local listings)

Two years ago, FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin made a film called  
"Growing up Online" which looked at the ways technology is rapidly  
transforming childhood for the "digital natives" who've known only a  
world of 24/7 connectivity and media, Facebook and web cams.

This week, Dretzin is back with a project that itself "grew up  
online," a FRONTLINE first that began with a pioneering effort on the  
web, and has involved the audience in the making of this Tuesday  
night's film the whole way through. It's called "Digital Nation," and  
it's a wide-ranging journey through life on the virtual frontier--from  
the super-wired students of M.I.T. to a classroom of the future in the  
South Bronx; from "World of Warcraft" gamers to the actual Air Force  
pilots who, by day, guide drone missiles to their targets in  
Afghanistan, then come home at night for dinner.
Along with Douglas Rushkoff, a one-time evangelist for the digital  
revolution who's now having some second thoughts, Dretzin also sets  
out in search of real answers to hard questions about how this  
technology is changing our lives, and redefining the very nature of  
human experience.

Do you think a Stanford scientist interviewed in this week's film  
would say you're a successful multitasker when you check e-mail, watch  
a movie, and write to your friends all at once? Want to visit some of  
the world's first "internet addiction" camps? Wonder what it's like to  
live, work, and socialize in a wholly virtual world?


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