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Hi Claudia,

I'm not sure how much help these would be to you, but Jannis Androutsopoulos at King's College London has done work on youth and German-language websites. Here are some references:

Androutsopoulos, J. (2007) 'Style online: Doing hip-hop on the German-speaking Web'. Style and Social Identities. Alternative Approaches to Linguistic Heterogeneity (ed. A. Peter), pp. 279-317, Berlin, NY: de Gruyter 

Androutsopoulos, J. (2007) 'Language choice and code-switching in German-based diasporic web forums'. The Multilingual InternetDanet (eds Brenda, Susan & C. Herring), pp. 340-361, Oxford: OUP

Androutsopoulos, J. (2007)  'Bilingualism in the mass media and on the Internet'. Bilingualism: a social approach (ed. M. Heller), pp. 207-230, Palgrave Macmillan

Androutsopoulos, J. (2006) 'Introduction: Sociolinguistics and computer-mediated communication'. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 10/4, pp. 419-438

Androutsopoulos, J. (2006) 'Multilingualism, diaspora, and the Internet: codes and identities on German-based diaspora websites'. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 10/4, pp. 429-450

Androutsopoulos, J. (2006) 'Online Hip Hop Culture'. Contemporary Youth Culture: An International EncyclopaediaSteinberg, Volume 1 (ed. S. Steinberg), pp. 217-233, Westport: Greenwood Press


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On 31 Jul 2010, at 21:23, claudia pintozeballos wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am working on my dissertation right now about dialogic public
> relations via the WWW through the analysis of two official tourism
> websites. 
> I would really appreciate your views on two aspects.
> One, if you could refer me to a document or publication to analyse what
> design features a website should have to interact with their audiences.
> There are hundreds of marketing articles on the internet but I would
> like to have a more academic expert and professional guidance which is
> your case.
> The second thing is to know what would be the average loading time to consider reasonable (less than 6 or 10 seconds?) 
> This
> is one of the 45 items within the easy of interface that I am analysing
> ( proposed by the public relations academics Kent and Taylor (2003).
> many thanks for your help, Claudia Pinto
> Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland
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