[Air-L] email statistic?

Monica Ann Schepers Riordan (mschpers) mschpers at memphis.edu
Mon Jun 21 19:43:12 PDT 2010

Hello everyone, 

I am deep in the turmoil of writing my dissertation results and am wondering if anyone knows of an article/paper that suggests the average length of an email? I have attempted to find this statistic (or even a paper detailing the number of characters in a corpus and how many emails existed within the corpus so I could calculate it myself) but have failed miserably. I realize there are several factors that dictate how short or long an email may be, but in the interest of simplifying analyses for comparison, I would love to find an average. Any help would be appreciated!

Monica Riordan
The University of Memphis
Department of Psychology
mschpers at memphis.edu

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