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anna annclub1 at rambler.ru
Wed Jun 23 05:12:46 PDT 2010

Hello everyone!

I am preparing my research experiment on web site usability and I have 
to do a pre-test to select people for it: I need to define if they are 
beginners, intermediate or advanced internet users (in general). You 
know, something similar to English-level tests: if a person can do A, 
he/she is a beginner, if A and B - intermediate, and if A, B and C - 
then we have an advanced level of English.

I was wondering if there exists the same test to find out what kind of 
Internet user you are? Because if not, there should be one, I think!

Will appreciate your messages about this issue,

Thanks a lot!

Anna Ivanova
ivanova.re at gmail.com

PS. do not hesitate to contact me a bit later if you are also interested 
in this question, so that I can tell you what answers I got from this 
> ************************************

anna          .

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