[Air-L] 6th European Symposium on Gender and ICT - call for contributions

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Wed Jun 30 23:40:38 PDT 2010

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First call for contributions:

6th European Symposium on Gender & ICT - Feminist Interventions in  
Theories and Practices

Umeå University, Sweden, March 8 - 10, 2011

Information Technology is everywhere, shaping the way we experience  
our lives, the world and each other. Some digital transformations  
reveal new possibilities for improving social conditions, while  
others suggest that social inequality may be increasing. In a  
changing society, understandings of digitalization and politics  
become important. Also, the performative and co-constructive nature  
of gender-technology-work relations points to the importance of  
paying attention to many kinds of actors (elements) in understanding  
ICT. As such one of the pressing questions to contemporary gender and  
feminist research is: How does gender and feminist research intervene  
in and contribute to new directions and sustainable futures of ICT- 
based practices?

The 6th European Gender and ICT Symposium we will take a closer look  
at some of the challenges emerging in contemporary society related to  
new configurations of bodies and technologies. The conference  
reflects the diversity of gender studies, incorporating  
interdisciplinary perspectives on information and communication  
technologies, digital artefacts and systems. Once central focus is on  
the ways imagination, knowledge and politics intervene with gendered  
practices in contemporary societies. The theme for the symposium is  
Feminist Interventions in Theories and Practices seeking  
contributions that advance our understanding of how gender and  
feminist research can contribute to sustainable futures of ICT-based  
practices.We invite you to share your experiences!

Submission of abstracts	by October 1, 2010.
Submission of full papers	by January 15, 2011

For more details, see http://gict2011.informatik.umu.se

Program chair
Dr. Anna Croon Fors

Conference organisation
Anna Croon Fors, Karin Danielsson Öberg, Pirjo Elovaara, Maria  
Jansson, Annakarin Nyberg, Christina Mörtberg, Johanna Sefyrin, Eva  
Svedmark Ikonomidis

Department of Informatics
Umeå University
Phone +46 90 786 61 35
Fax +46 90 786 65 50

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