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Thu Jun 24 08:01:10 PDT 2010

Hello Anna,
Eurostat has attempted to measure the level of computer and Internet
skills in some EU-wide surveys.

How this was done and a recent application of the method is provided
by Maria Garrido et al. (2010) "Immigrant women, e-skills &
employability in Europe: The case of Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands,
Romania, and Spain"
See in particular pp.30-31.
I copy from there:
"In 2007, the EU Digital Literacy Model measured Internet skills level
using six Internet related tasks: use a search engine to find
information; send an e-mail with attached files; post messages to
chatrooms, newsgroups or any online discussion forum; use the Internet
to make telephone calls; use peer-to-peer file sharing for exchanging
movies, music, etc.; and create a web page.
Low level of basic Internet skills: ability to carry out 1 or 2 of the
6 Internet-related tasks.
Medium level of basic Internet skills: ability to carry out 3 or 4 of
the 6 tasks.
High level of basic Internet skills: ability to carry out 5 or 6 of
the 6 tasks."

Skill levels are thus defined based on the number of abilities, and
not their type and/or combination (which is clearly a rough
approximation). I think Eurostat has updated or is updating this
approach (possibly both in terms of types of abilities and resulting
levels), but I am not sure if this evolution has already been tested
and is publicly available.
You may explore that starting from the link which gives explanations
of the above method:

best regards

Stefano Kluzer

2010/6/23 anna <annclub1 at rambler.ru>:
> Hello everyone!
> I am preparing my research experiment on web site usability and I have to do
> a pre-test to select people for it: I need to define if they are beginners,
> intermediate or advanced internet users (in general). You know, something
> similar to English-level tests: if a person can do A, he/she is a beginner,
> if A and B - intermediate, and if A, B and C - then we have an advanced
> level of English.
> I was wondering if there exists the same test to find out what kind of
> Internet user you are? Because if not, there should be one, I think!
> Will appreciate your messages about this issue,
> Thanks a lot!
> Anna Ivanova
> ivanova.re at gmail.com
> PS. do not hesitate to contact me a bit later if you are also interested in
> this question, so that I can tell you what answers I got from this list.
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Stefano Kluzer

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