[Air-L] Publication Venue?

Ted Coopman ted.coopman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 10:11:15 PST 2010


I have a grande size manuscript and I am looking for a publication venue.
The text alone clocks in at a little under 10K words (about 11K+ for
references, abstract, etc.). The issue is that it is qualitative research
based on a new theory with large, interlocking, and reinforcing data sets.
So I have to make the case for the theory, method, and report and
contextualize the findings.

I was looking at IJOC, but they have a 9000 word limit for everything
(references, text, abstract, etc.). I have already cut it down from chapter
size in my diss. I just do not know if I can make my case if I whack another
2K words.

It's applying my theory of dissentworks to an examination of the global
Indymedia network.

Any suggestions for possible journals would be greatly appreciated.


Ted M. Coopman Ph.D.
Department of Communication Studies
Department of Television, Radio, Film, & Theatre
San Jose State University

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