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Marc Hebert mkh at mail.usf.edu
Thu Mar 4 07:13:47 PST 2010

*CFP – Applying Theory thru Design Projects - American Anthropological
Association Conference  – Open to Anthropologists &
Non-Anthropologists (Abstracts
of 250-300 words due March 26, 2010)*

*Objective:* To expand the availability of ideas across disciplines about
the theory of design based on practice by inviting a panel of design
thinkers to share their experiences with operationalizing or applying theory
through project work.

*Goals:* The first is to understand the theoretical framework used in a
project, what the theoretical limitations were, and what advice could be
shared with others relying on similar theories.  Critiques should be
accompanied by an alternative theory or framework or lessons learned.  The
second goal is to explain how at least one broad concept used in
anthropology was explored through the design process.  A few examples
include discourse, gender, identity, neoliberalism, poverty, power, race,
sexuality, spirituality, sustainability, technology and the media.  Finally,
the long-term goal of the panel is to encourage the expansion of courses and
programs focusing on design anthropology by producing a physical or digital
publication that can be widely accessible.

*Background:* Ten years ago the National Association for the Practice of
Anthropology (NAPA) in the U.S. published an edited volume arguing for
anthropologists to test theories outside of academia.  Since the publication
of *Unity of Theory and Practice in Anthropology: Rebuilding a Fractured
Synthesis* (eds. Carole Hill & Marietta Baba 2000), design anthropology has
blossomed.  It is recognized as an innovative sub-discipline with skilled
ethnographers hired to solve problems dealing with products, services, and
public policies.  Anthropologists and others involved in design are uniquely
situated to revisit Hill & Baba’s suggestions for applying theory and
informing the broader academic community of their findings.

*Conference & Abstract Details:* The 2010 American Anthropological
Association (AAA) conference is scheduled to be held November 17-21 in New
Orleans.  Panel participants do not need to be there physically, but their
conference fee would have to be paid.  Their paper can be shared with the
audience by another panel participant and possibly via an Internet video
conferencing portal.  The panel will attempt to be podcasted, allowing for
the timely dissemination of ideas.  Papers are encouraged to be presented
with the same creativity espoused in design thinking to produce something
both educational and entertaining.  Book and online publishers will be
approached upon review of the proposed abstracts.  Those selected to
participate on the panel will be asked to serve as a reviewer for another
panelist’s paper prior to the presentation.  *Anthropologists and
non-anthropologists are welcome to submit abstracts of 250-300 words in
English, discussing the goals mentioned above, by Friday, March 26, 2010.*  The
panel will be submitted to the NAPA section of the AAA for consideration.

Please email abstracts in a Microsoft Word document to mkh (at)
mail.usf.eduwith the subject heading “2010 AAA Conference – Design
Anthropology Panel.”
The panel organizer is Marc K. Hébert.  He is a PhD candidate in applied
anthropology at the University of South Florida researching how the design
of an e-government welfare program in Florida is experienced by applicants,
librarians and NGO staff.  Further details about the conference are
available here: http://www.aaanet.org/meetings/Call-for-Papers.cfm.  *Please
distribute this announcement across national and disciplinary borders.*

Marc K. Hébert
PhD Candidate, Anthropology
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue, SOC 107
Tampa, Florida 33620-7200 U.S.A.

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