[Air-L] News discourse of online papers

Philippa Smith philippa.smith at aut.ac.nz
Thu Mar 4 16:34:51 PST 2010

I'm looking for studies or references to the structure of news discourse in online newspapers - and in particular any comparisons with the offline hard copy of those publications.  Essential question is:  has  the Internet altered the way news articles are discursively constructed?  My observations so far indicate that news websites merely act as a vehicle for the dissemination of a hard copy story and there is, in fact, no alteration to the actual story. Rather it is the presentation of the article, eg headline, partial sentence, perhaps photograph and then a link to the full story that is altered.  I'd be interested in any other comments or observations by other AOIR listers.
Many thanks
Philippa Smith
PhD Candidate and Researcher
Institute of Culture, Discourse & Communication
AUT University

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