[Air-L] Inclusion

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Mon Mar 8 13:49:06 PST 2010

Thanks Ben,

Everyone, here is a recent news report on our digital inclusion work that
just came out:


And a related detailed blog post:


So, is that it in terms of inclusion research folks know about in this
arena? Is the use of social media in lower income or higher immigrant local
communities not a compelling or important research topic? OK, I am poking
you in the ribs, but I see this as a growing huge divide that needs serious

Let me take this another direction.

Imagine that you had a research/evaluation budget of $6,000 ... wait, we do!

What questions would you like us to explore?

What kind of case study would you like to see?

What is the big gap in knowledge in this niche?

Who might we hire? (I have Board members who probably want someone local in
Minnesota. I'd love to be able to connect with a local faculty member or
graduate student with an interest in this project ... perhaps leverage some
existing resources.)

It is for this effort: http://e-democracy.org/inclusion

Steven Clift

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