[Air-L] New Media in Small Group Communication Class

Gordon Carlson gordycarlson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 13:57:18 PST 2010

Hi All,

I will be teaching a 300 level course in Small Group Communication/Team
Building next fall.  This year they really want a New Media focus.  I
imagine the course will see small groups/teams of students conducting
term-long projects during which they produce a product or system (like put
on an event and advertise it, raise money for a cause, etc...).

I would very much welcome suggestions for general ideas for a new media
angle (using social media, getting PR attention online, etc...) or specific
readings/experiences you recommend.

Thanks very much in advance for your feedback and let me know if you have
questions or ideas.  I will gladly share a summary of your comments with the
list for the benefit of others.  Feel free to respond off list.

Gordon Carlson

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