[Air-L] mobile apps for universities

Steve Cavrak Steve.Cavrak at uvm.edu
Sun Mar 14 16:23:01 PDT 2010

Quoting Tracy Ann Kosa <TracyAnn.Kosa at uoit.ca>:

> I'm wondering if anybody knows of any interesting apps  that  
> universities have developed for their students to use?

Hi Tracy,

One good place to "browse" is the Chronicle of Higher Education (  
http://chronicle.com/ ) and search for iPhone ... you will catch a  
large variety of mobile application news ... about 400 articles for  
the last two years ...

Gerry McKiernan has a mobile libraries blog, listserv, and fan page on  
facebook ?

- http://mobile-libraries.blogspot.com/

On my own iPhone, I have apps for

- DukeMobile (Duke University)
- iStanford
- iTexas (developed by students, not the university, running into TM issues !)
- UC Berkeley (The Daily Cal, a student run newspaper)

as well as

- myTown

Not all university applications are developed at universities ...  
aside from packages like Blackboard and Moodle, there are several  
commercial sites that provide campus like portals ? e.g.

- http://www.campuslive.com/harvard
- http://www.campuslive.com/mit
- http://www.campuslive.com/ucla


There's also a set of middleware called "StudentForce" that data mines  
institutional databases and repackages it for students and their  
parents ? grades and GPA, term bills, banking transactions ("Send  
money!"), meals and meal plans, tickets, ...



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