[Air-L] PhD course - Internet Research: New Methodological Challenges and Opportunities

Klaus Bruhn Jensen kbj at hum.ku.dk
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*PhD course - Internet Research: New Methodological Challenges and  

Hosting most previous forms of human communication – one-to-one, one- 
to-many, as well as many-to-many – the internet is a unique kind of  
medium, a meta-medium (Kay & Richardson, 1977), which users access  
from stationary as well as mobile platforms. As such, it challenges  
media and communication studies to think again about relevant and  
appropriate research methodologies. The internet also provides an  
opportunity for research to refashion, or reinvent, familiar  
approaches and instruments.

This PhD course provides an overview of the state of internet  
research, illustrating the applicability of both new and old  
methodologies to this field of inquiry. The central contributor to the  
course will be Professor Steve Jones, University of Illinois at  
Chicago, the founding president of the Association of Internet  
Researchers, and a key figure in internet research for more than a  
decade. Steve Jones is a guest professor of the Danish National  
Research School for Media, Communication, and Journalism during the  
spring of 2010. Other contributors to the seminar include key figures  
in Scandinavian new media studies. Participants will have the  
opportunity to present and discuss papers on their doctoral projects.

Time: April 14-16 2010
Place: IT University of Copenhagen, http://www1.itu.dk/ (rooms to be  
Organizers: Klaus Bruhn Jensen & Gitte Stald
Contact: kbj at hum.ku.dk, stald at itu.dk
Sponsored by The Danish National Research School in Media,  
Communication and Journalism (FMKJ)

More information, http://fmkj.dk/?p=1735


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