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Hi Holly et al,

They're not DVDs, but rather free downloads, but the BBC released all of the
raw interview footage from _The Virtual Revolution_ series they did.  The
clips feature a lot of the important figures from the development of the
Internet and Web, from Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee through to good talking
head moments with researchers such as Clay Shirky and danah boyd.  The clips
are great quality and are released under the the BBC's equivalent of an
Attriubtion, Non-Commerical, Share-Alike license.  The clips are all here:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/virtualrevolution/interviews.shtml  I've used one of
the Berners-Lee clips so far this semester and it was well received.


On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 7:07 AM, Raffl, Celina <Celina.Raffl at sbg.ac.at>wrote:

> Dear Holly,
> I find watching short films sometimes very useful because it reaches
> diverse learning types (audio- and visual).
> For my last course (on Open Access, Open Content, Open Source, Open Media)
> last semester we watched parts of "steel this film" (
> http://www.stealthisfilm.com) and "us now" (http://www.usnowfilm.com/)
> which includes statements of e.g. Clay Shirky, Don Tapscott (and many others
> - no insult!). Both films go beyond mere "new media studies".
> Good thing: no bothering about legal issues of public viewing.
> I am looking forward to hearing about other films, in particular for
> introductory courses to new media studies or information society research.
> Regards,
> :: Celina
> www.celina.uti.at
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> Hi Holly,
> I recently ordered a few new media titles from the Insight Media catalogue
> for the library, but haven't used them in class.
> Marj
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> >>> "Kruse, Holly" <holly-kruse at utulsa.edu> 3/24/2010 9:45 AM >>>
> Does anyone have any suggestions for recent DVDs that could be used in
> teaching internet studies or new media studies classes?  There are a few
> that I use ("IRL," "Virtual Worlds: Inside Online Games," aka "Avatars
> Online"... I think that's right) that are getting a bit dated, although are
> still great.  I am coming up with a list of more recent ones for my
> university's library to order.  Thanks in advance!
> Holly Kruse
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