[Air-L] conceptions of anonymity and follow up on chat roulette

Seda Guerses sguerses at esat.kuleuven.be
Wed Mar 24 19:11:31 PDT 2010

has anybody been working on the difference between feeling anonymous  
and technical understandings of anonymity and re-identification, and  
how to relate these two things? i know sherry turkle wrote about  
anonymity on the internet long time ago and inspired much (critical)  
work, but i do not know of any recent works outside of the security/ 
privacy studies which often pose users as being naive/uncaring and  
identity as something fixed.

i had to come back to the question today after colleagues posted  
information about a site which automatically maps ip addresses of the  
chatrouletters to approximate locations on a google map together with  
a screenshot of the chatterer.
more information can be found here:

a more general article on ubiquitous video streaming is here:

any tips or thoughts on this matter are much appreciated.

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