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Thanks for this, Barry.  Sad news to wake up to on this side of the pond,
even though I only knew Susan through what, for me, was pioneering,
inspiring, brilliantly insightful work. But good memories help nonetheless -
thanks for passing these along.
- charles
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On 3/25/10 1:30 AM, "Barry Wellman" <wellman at chass.utoronto.ca> wrote:

> I have sad news below, via UIUC Info Sci that Susan Leigh Star has died
> unexpectedly. I Do NOT know anything more.
> (http://www.ischool.pitt.edu/people/star.php)
> My memory of Leigh goes back 25 years when Bev/I were sabbaticalling in
> Berkeley/SFO. I got to know Leigh then as one of Anselm Strauss' last
> students. (possibly The Last.) Like Anselm she was both grounded and
> bubbly. I remember how excited she was as an early adopter of the IBM PC
> Jr -- despite its hard-to-use chiclet keyboard. Always willing to take
> risks. (Altho we laughed at the chiclet then, people seem to be happy
> Berrying and iPhoning.)
> After her PhD at Cal-SFO, Leigh went on to UIUC (where she met Geoff
> Bowker), UCSD, Santa Clara U, and finally at the Pitt iSchool.
> Happy Hugs, Leigh.
>  Barry Wellman
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